Saturday, March 2, 2013

Our master bedroom...

At first I started to tidy things up, rearrange, take things away, etc., but then I decided to reveal the room as it is on an ordinary day. So, today, you are seeing the real deal! If you look close enough you will see the wrinkles and the copious amounts of dog hair {almost impossible to keep under control}. Signs that this room is very much so lived in. #embracetheimperfection

Our picture frames and displayed photos may be one of my favorite parts about this space. So many good reminders of good memories!

And, yes, both the boys have dog beds, but they seem to spend more time up in the bed with us. #spoileddogs

Oh, and in case you are wondering, the paint color is dynasty celadon by Behr. 
It is a beautiful green/blue/grey color and varies with the light. I actually love it more at night when it is more blue/grey.

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