Monday, September 16, 2013

Homemade dog cake recipe {for Jackson's 3rd bday}

{homemade dog cake}

We celebrated Jackson's 3rd birthday on September 8th! To be fair, I made him a cake since I made Harvey cupcakes

I found the recipe over here, which of course I adapted based on what we had on hand. I didn't use the baby beef food, but did try to make up for it with extra bacon. I also didn't use cream cheese with the peanut butter for the frosting. I knew peanut butter would suffice. 

And yes, I did light the candles and we did sing happy birthday. 

I laughed to myself again as we did!

But I love spoiling our boys! 

Happy happy birthday to Jackson!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Rustic fall wreath {DIY}

{rustic fall wreath}

First fall project of the season! 


I already had the wreath, which I purchased at walmart a longgg time ago. The burlap ribbon, and fall layers for the wreath all came from Hobby Lobby. 

{layer #1}

Because of the flexibility of the pieces, I easily secured each piece, without gluing. 

{layer #2}

This layer was less flexible and harder to secure into the wreath, so I used a little hot glue. 

{burlap bow}

The burlap bow is also hot glued! 

{finished product}

Took me about 10 minutes, while watching football!

So so ready for fall!