Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kale Pesto Pasta

A perfect winter recipe packed with nutrients thanks to our superfood friend kale! I loosely used the pesto recipe from the book Practical Paleo but also modified and improvised. 

2 big handfuls of kale
1/2 cup of cashews
1/2 cup oil olive
1 clove of garlic
juice from half a lemon
salt & pepper to taste
corn pasta {I use Trader Joe's pasta}--gluten-free

Cook the pasta according to package instructions. While pasta is cooking, put all other ingredients in a food processor and grind until finely chopped. Mix pesto with warm pasta and serve. 

It's that simple. 

Another quick recipe. Only took 10-15 minutes!

Also, for those who are non-Paleo, you could add parmesan to the pesto and/or use pasta of choice.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Natural home decor...

*All photos compliments of Pinterest*

I love the natural decor incorporated in all of these photos--the greenery, flowers, and natural linen and woven materials used. Easily makes a space more cozy and serene.

Now that I've completed painting our living room, I'm starting to focus on the design. As I said before, I am trying to use more grey, but I also want to add more natural elements. Thinking some topiaries or potted succulents.

Anddd on a side note, I would really love to have a lemon tree one day like in the first photo!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Five things...

{vanity tray}
This silver tray was given to us with some other vintage silver items. I found it a few weeks ago in an unopened box since our move. I had been looking for something for this space and was so happy when this worked. Just a little bit of silver polish and I turned this old item into something new!

 {mercury glass vase}
I love the glow of mercury glass. We had a lot of it at our wedding reception. Gives a warm romantic glow.

{bird ring dish}
Found this a few weeks ago at TJ Maxx, when I was checking out nonetheless. Works great in our guest bath. 

{Harvey baby}
Our oldest furbaby. He will be 5 in April. He's such a lazy lover boy. Just love him to pieces!

{dotted socks}
Warm and cozy on this chilly day. Can't get enough of dots!

Cold, icey, and a true winter day over here. I'm planning to finish a bit more painting and then cuddle up with the boys under a warm blanket with a nice drink!! Might even use our fireplace. We've only used it once or twice since moving in because it hasn't been cold enough.

Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend. Stay warm!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Reclaimed wood accents...

*All photos compliments of pinterest*

I'm mostly done painting our living room and have moved on to the stairway, but for now I'm taking a break and sharing a few pretty little pictures instead. 

I'm currently obsessed with reclaimed wood accents and projects. I love the reclaimed wood ceiling {1} and islands {2} & {3}.

Although it would be tough to implement either of these ideas in our current home, I do hope to use reclaimed wood for a project or two in our house. I just love the vintage and distressed look, plus it is super sustainable! 

Yay the weekend is almost here and I am almost done painting!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Painting our living room....

I've been tackling a rather large project over here the past two days in painting our two-story living room. It happened very spontaneously when I decided I just couldn' As most people do, we spend a lot of time in the living room and staring at it every single day just wore on me. The hubs had bought an extension pole {16 ft. I think} to clean cobwebs out of the corners and clean our fan, which was driving him crazy. So, I got out the extension pole and gave it a try, realizing I could totally do it myself. 

Crazy? Yes, probably. But, it feels so good to be getting it done. Extra plus that we are saving a couple hundred bucks. Above is the color, Hazelnut Cream, by Behr. It's a nice neutral beige with a tint of grey depending on the light. 

I tried a few similar colors before choosing this one. Apparently, choosing a neutral color with some grey, but without PINK is hard to do. For this reason, I strongly suggest buying a sample for a few bucks to test it first. 

So far, I think it has definitely softened up the space, and it flows with the rest of our paint colors that also have grey undertones. The darker color {we had the standard off-white before} also makes the fireplace, which is white, stand out more. 

I can't wait to be able to reveal pictures of the finished product!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Five Things {for a Friday}

New living room chair from Ikea. I love the greyish brown color. 
I'm currently trying to incorporate more grey into our living room. 

Finally got this vintage paddle up on the wall in our loft area. My dad found it. 
He is really good at finding vintage items.

I love all Aveda products. I've been giving this volumizing tonic a try this week. 
Hoping this does the trick for my flat flat hair. 

Potential second upstairs bedroom color, Silver Drop by Behr--nice grey/cream color. I've used Behr paint on pretty much our whole house and have been satisfied. A good paint for the price. Extra bonus that it is VOC free.

New kitchen towels. Vintage inspired from TJ's. We've been using the same everyday dish towels for a few years. Yes, years--*gasp*. We were definitely in need. 

So, there you have it. Five things I'm loving on this Friday. 

And two posts in one day! Whew!

Have a lovely weekend.

On juice fasting...

Ok, so here we go. As mentioned, I tried a mini juice fast last week. I ended up doing a total of 3 days--primarily just fresh juice with a few smoothies mixed in between. It was something I have been wanting to try, just to see. To have the experience and test a few theories. I will more than likely being doing it again at some point, maybe even longer next time.

So, here's the low down.

On Day 1- I felt great. I actually had more energy, probably because my body wasn't having to work so hard to digest everything. I was incredibly optimistic about my juice fast, thinking maybe I would make it longer. Towards dinner time, I noticed I had urges to eat something even when I was not actually hungry, which was definitely interesting and helpful for the future.

On Day 2- I woke up feeling fine, like normal. I did sleep a little bit longer than usual. My body had probably kicked it into repair mode. By lunch time though, I was really hungry, and hungry for real food, not juice. Juice was still appealing enough to me at this point though, so I powered through. Come afternoon, I broke down and had a smoothie, just for something different and more substantial. At this point, I also started to get brain fog, which from doing a detox before, I know is par for the course with me. It made me sleepy and not very productive. If you ever do a juice fast, I recommend you do it when you don't have a lot going on.

On Day 3- I woke up super tired, again probably my body processing. Still had the brain fog, which was the same as the day before. I hated not having the energy to get things done though because I like being productive. Overall, I felt like my "symptoms," not sure I would actually call them that, but I felt they were manageable. The real problem happened when I started to hate the juice. I just didn't want it and forced myself to suck it down. Some may say, "Hey, but it's juice. Is it really that great?", but prior to this mini juice fast I was actually ENJOYING a glass or two of juice a day. So, that became a deal breaker for me and the fast. I didn't want to get to a point where I didn't like my juice anymore, so I decided to stop after 3 days. I was very happy to eat real food again!

What I learned.....
I eat when I am not hungry, but rather bored, irritated, or trying to put something off. No bueno. I'm sure I already knew this on some level, but it became blatantly obvious through the fast. Definitely going to have to work on that!

I don't have to eat as much as I think I do. I was prepared to be starving all day, everyday, but for the most part, drinking a glass of juice would take the hunger away. I did have to juice every 2 or 3 hours though.

I do have some food allergies, still working it out to what though. But my frequent post nasal drip stopped once I started juicing.

Take juice with you, if you go out to do any errands. I found myself getting really cranky with my stomach making obnoxious noises as I was out and about. You are supposed to drink juice right after you make it because the nutrients start to break down, but you can store it in a air tight container for some time, ideally refrigerated.

Leave the room when your husband is eating delicious, mouth-watering, real food. It's just not fair to torture yourself!

Also, if you want more information about juice fasting, I suggest doing some research beforehand. I recommend starting here with Joe Cross, who juiced for 60ish days. Craziness, I know. His documentary really is excellent for those interested. I was blown away by the transformation!

As I mentioned above, my juice fast confirmed that there is something causing my allergy symptoms, which could very likely be associated with food. So, my next undertaking is trying a Paleo diet. I've heard it can be very helpful for alleviating allergies and other issues. Paleo is dairy-free and gluten-free. I already try to stay away from dairy, but gluten-free is going to be new to me.  I'll post with more details later. This post is already ridiculously long!!

Thanks to those of you who have actually made it to the bottom. I feel like I need to hand out a prize or something!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Vintage architectural details

* Whitewashed planking

*Whitewashed exposed brick

*Vintage sliding doors

*Vintage door frame

*all photos compliments of pinterest*

As previously stated, I am in love with all things vintage, including vintage architectural details. Whether you do it yourself for a vintage inspired look or it is the real deal, I just can't get enough of it. This look doesn't quite match with our current home, but maybe one day if we build a home...

Also, in other news, I am juice fasting this week. Craziness, I know. I am on day 3, which many say can be the hardest. Trying to keep myself distracted and busy.

More to come on the juice fasting soon!

Friday, January 4, 2013


I could give you a long list of new year's resolutions, but instead, I've resolved.....that 2013 will be my year.


Signed, sealed and delivered.

2012 was tough and uncomfortable. So much change. So much growth. But it all lead me here, and I'm very very happy with here {finally}.

So, there you have it. 2013, folks! Who's with me?