Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Peppermint White Russians

Hooked on these this season! I've already made a few rounds on various occasions. 

Add it to the list of peppermint flavored goodies that I can't seem to get enough of right now!

Peppermint White Russian Recipe:

2 parts peppermint schnapps
2 parts bailey's
dash or so of half and half
crushed candy cane rim (optional)

Serve over ice and enjoy!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Gathering in thanks...

A few images that give you a glance of our Thanksgiving! So thankful for the time (and food) with family. 

gold chargers- dollar tree
gold rimmed glasses- dollar tree
linen napkins- target
glass hurricanes- dollar store
mercury glass votive- world market
burlap table runner- hobby lobby 
white pumpkin- trader joe's
hydrangeas & baby's breath- publix
feed burlap bag & bracelet (not pictured)- feed (proceeds feed hungry children!)

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Wicked Weed

{Wicked Weed Brewing}

I just can't get enough of this brewery.  This pumpkin beer is quite possibly the.best.ever. and I'm not really even into pumpkin beer. 

The past few times we have gone to Asheville we have been, and it is packed every time. 

This time I ordered a turkey sandwich with a delicious cranberry sauce. You know, to get in the spirit of Thanksgiving. It was just as delicious as the beer!

I tried to recreate this sandwich once I got home and I think they must have some sort of secret ingredient in their cranberry sauce because it just couldn't be done. 

They have about 18 different craft beers, and I honestly haven't tried one that I don't like, which is saying a lot coming from a wino. 

Here's Henry VIII staring us down. I'm pretty sure we sat at the same table as last time because we have almost an identical picture but of 6 months prior. 

Now you know where to find us next time we are in Asheville!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Happy fall, y'all!

Venturing out with my camera to capture the amazing fall colors!

...and my light blue pumpkin from Trader Joe's. 

Always love this time of year!

Happy fall, y'all!

Friday, October 17, 2014

{DIY} Dropcloth Headboard

 {DIY Dropcloth Headboard}

Much less expensive version of the Pottery Barn headboard I love below. 

I used the measurements for the Pottery Barn headboard as a model.

Since I am not the best with power tools, as in I almost drilled into concrete, the hubs assisted in cutting the plywood! He did a fantastic job!

Once the plywood was cut, I used two additional pieces to make legs for the bottom I made sure to measure the height needed for the basic metal bedframe we have. 

Then I covered the wood with foam used from a mattress pad. I did research prior and found this was the cheapest way to cover the headboard. Apparently foam can be expensive. I found this method worked very well and made it easy. I used the staple gum to hold the foam in place.

Next, came the batting, which I also stapled. Make sure to pull the batting tight to make the sides even. This is also where you can smooth out imperfections in the shape of the wood or foam.

Finally, I wrapped the headboard in my fabric, which was dropcloth found on sale at Big Lots for $7. The dropcloth has imperfections but is actually very soft. I went to a few stores before deciding to purchase this dropcloth. It seemed to be closest to the color that I wanted, to give the headboard the feel and look of linen but at a much better price!

Here is the finished product and the progress I have made on the guest bedroom! Crazy how much of a statement a headboard can make. This room was very plain and bland before. 

The color of the headboard also complements other pieces from the room and gives 
the room a warmer feel.

The sconce is an older piece repainted with jade spray paint but originally from World Market. The ruffle shams are from J.C. Penny. And, the toile blanket and shams as well as the pillow and plush blanket are all from Marshalls/T.J. Maxx. 

Coffee Table Makeover

{coffee table makeover}

The after.

I used leftover paint for the the bottom and used Restore-A-Finish for the top. The paint color is Plantation from Olympic but I matched it in Behr paint. 

This was my first time using Restore-A-Finish. It helped fill some scratches and even out the finish, but I know at some point I will need to actually sand and refinish the top. It seems to be more of a temporary fix but works for now!


Our coffee table just seemed too stark with all of our neutral tones, as you can see above!

The top still has imperfections, but it helps give the table the distressed rustic look that I'm always going for!

Monday, June 2, 2014



We took an anniversary trip this year to Savannah. Love it every time! Always so much to see and do.

{Forsyth Park Inn}

We switched it up this time. Instead of staying in a hotel, per the usual, we chose a bed and breakfast, Forsyth Park Inn. Also helped that I purchased a Groupon a while back. 

{courtyard at the Forsyth Park Inn}

Our B&B had the quaintest little courtyard!

{Vic's on the River}

First stop was Vic's on the River. Never disappoints! 

Architecture in Savannah is a-m-azing! I would go for that reason alone. This building used to be a cotton mill. 

{Moon River Brewing Company}
Next stop, was Moon River Brewing Company, which was a first for us.  Went with the flight to try out their different beers. 

One of the few pics of the two of us. 

{Paris Market}

Then, we went strolling down Broughton Street. Of course, I had to stop in at the Paris Market. Lovvvee this place!

Paris Market has the prettiest displays! Also, a great place to pick up gifts!

Our B&B overlooked Forsyth Park, so we took a few walks through the park. 

{Forsyth Park Fountain}

{Happy hour}

Our B&B made an amazing sparkling cocktail! So fun just to sit, relax, and take it all in.

Can I go back now??