About Me

Hello and welcome! I'm so happy you have taken the time to stop by and check out my blog! Hope you enjoy!

 So, here we are, our lovely family of four. Davis, my wonderful husband of almost four years now, and our two beautiful furbabies, Jackson {lab/hound mix} and Harvey {husky/shepherd mix}. Both of our boys are rescue dogs, with lots of personality, but each very different. They bring so much love to our lives. I plan to share that love with y'all too!

Davis and I met when we were both in undergrad at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill {go tarheels!} through mutual friends. We were friends for a while before we officially got together. Right before Christmas of 2008, we got engaged and got married in Asheville, NC {we are both originally from that area} in May 2009. He truly is my best friend, and I am grateful every day that he is in my life! As of July 2012, we are happy homeowners, living in Fort Mill, SC {right down the road from Charlotte, NC}

Olive & Gray bloomed from my desire to share my love of home design, cooking, baking, entertaining,  and to learn to use my camera! I also love a diy project, repurposing, finding vintage items, and traveling! Seriously, I would travel the globe in a heartbeat, given the opportunity!

This blog has an eco chic twist because I believe in trying to make healthier choices for ourselves and our environment. Over the past several years, largely stemming from my own personal health issues, I've started to make changes. My goal with this blog is to share my journey with y'all in hopes of potentially helping and encouraging someone else to do the same! 

Mucho love,