Thursday, April 18, 2013

DIY white washed terracotta pot

{whitewashed terra cotta pot}

Turns out white washing is easier than I thought it would be! Love when that happens! 

I started off using a tutorial, which said to use sandpaper at the end, but that didn't work well for me. The sandpaper was making the finish more rugged than I wanted. Instead, I completely coated the pot and base with a light watered down coat. Didn't need much paint or water. A little goes a long way.

Once I completely covered the pot, I went back with an almost damp brush to smooth out the finish and  the brush strokes. 


*terracotta pot {from wal-mart}
*sponge brush
*white paint
*cup of water
*plate {or whatever you choose for the paint}

I think using a sponge brush definitely made it easier because of how the brush absorbs the water. Also,  you don't have to mix the paint and water to one consistency. I used a little paint and would add a little water. I think it helped to create a more weathered look.

{finished product}

Now home to my new sweet basil plant. Can't get enough of that fresh smell! 

And because I haven't said it before, I love spring!

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